Playlist Bluespotting 833. Week 10 – 16 juni 2019


CD van de Week:
Travelin’ Woman – Mary Lane
(Women of the Blues Records, 2019) 


Gasten: Robin Smeets en Edith De Munck n.a.v. Midsummer Bluesnight, 29 juni 2019 te Mechelen (NL)







1. The Divided Kingdom John Fairhurst The Divided Kingdom 2019 Eigen Beheer
2. Travelin’ Woman Mary Lane Travelin’ Woman 2019 Women of the Blues Records
3. Just A Game Jimmie Vaughan Baby, Please Come Home 2019 The Last Music Company
4 Momma’s Goin’ Dancin’ Bonita & The Blues Shacks Sweet Thing 2019 Rhythm Bomb Records
5. The Best Thing Joanne Shaw Taylor Reckless Heart 2019 Silvertone Records
6. Dandelion Time Daniel Norgren Wooh Dang 2019 Superpuma Records
7. Make Up Your Mind Mary Lane Travelin’ Woman 2019 Women of the Blues Records
8. Blues Give Me a Feeling Mary Lane Travelin’ Woman 2019 Women of the Blues Records
9. Tipitina Dr. John Gumbo 1972 Atco
10. I Ain’t No Johnny Mercer Dr. John Mercernary 2006 Blue Note Records
11. How Long Blues Spencer Bohren Dirt Roads 1997 Zephyr/Tech
12. House of the Rising Sun Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys Never Trust The Living 2016 CBS
13. Cold Night Robert Jon & The Wreck Glory Bound 2015 Eigen Beheer
14. Hold On The Paladins Live On Dutch Radio (KRO?) 2003 Eigen Beheer
15. Yo’ Yoyo T-99 Cherrystone Park 2005 Sonic Rendezvous 
16. Too Busy The Dynamite Blues Band Kill Me With Your Love 2016 Eigen Beheer
17. My Only Friend Third House On The Left Love To See You Cry 2017 Eigen Beheer
18. Sinner Boy Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher 1971 Capo Records
19. Not the Only One Barn & Belle Demo 2019 Eigen Beheer
20. Helpin’ Hand Bourbon Street Demo 2017 Eigen Beheer
21. Extra Extra Steven Troch Nice ´n Greasy 2016 N.E.W.S.
22. In Your Town Sinnerboy 1st Italian Rory Night in Trescore Balneario, Italy 2016 Youtube


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