Playlist Bluespotting 915. Week 11 – 16 januari 2021



Dutch albums








1. Troubled Mind The Liberators Troubled Mind Eigen Beheer
2. Harakiri Blues The Mighty Ya-Ya Just Because I Wanna Porcupine Records
3. The Lomax Sessions Joep Pelt I Be Troubled Eigen Beheer
4. Where I’m Heading Leif De Leeuw Band Do Me Wrong CRS
5. Abandon Ship The Ragtime Rumours I Can’t Sing the Blues Ruf
6. Against the Wind Phil Bee I Put a Spell on You Soul Sacrifice Records
7. Another Shot Fired The Tibbs Not a Beggar Record Kicks
8. The Whole World Inside Vol.1: #MISIC #YOUBETTER #MUSIC Ralph De Jongh Naked as a Baby Child Eigen Beheer
9. High Class Horse Ticket West I´m Trying Eigen Beheer
10. 20th Street Boogie Mr. Boogie Woogie  You Never Can Tell Eigen Beheer
11. So Late So Soon Katvanger Time Never Mends A Broken Heart Eigen Beheer
12. Butt Delivered Band Over Regenblues Eigen Beheer
13. Lowland Blues JP Stingray Messing With The Kid Eigen Beheer
14. Where the Road Takes Me Hendrikse Eigen Beheer
15. Homegrown Michael de Jong Sheephead Records

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