Best Albums 2022

#  Album Artist Label
1. May Be The Last Time John Nemeth Nola Blue Records
2. The Blues Don't Lie Buddy Guy RCA Records
3. Stripped Back Liam St. John Eigen Beheer
4. Real Blues Jim Dan Dee Eigen Beheer
5. Hard Road Shawn Pittman Must Have Music
6. Behind The Sun Grant Dermody Eigen Beheer
7. Stone By Stone Ian Siegal Grow Vision Records
8. Leave The Light On The Love Light Orchestra Nola Blue Records
9. Buchanan Lane Yates McKendree Qualified Records
10. Over The Pain Orphan Jon & The Abandoned Vintage LaNell Records
11. Roots Jhett Black Eigen Beheer
12. Gentilo Bobby Gentilo Blue Heart Records
13. I Got Love Albert Castiglia Gulf Coast Records
14. Rhythm Blues & Boogie Dave Keyes Blue Heart Records
15. Blues Called My Name Anthony Geraci Blue Heart Records
16. Walk When You Wanna Run Ethan Askey Eigen Beheer
17. Underground Blues Breezy Rodio Wind Chill Records
18. On My Way Katie Henry Ruf Records
19. Everybody Let's Roll The Texas Horns Blue Heart Records
20. Blues @ Dark Nick Andrea Eigen Beheer
21. Forever On My Mind Son House Easy Eye Sound
22. Hard To Kill Janiva Magness Fathead Records
23. Preach To My Soul Spencer MacKenzie Gypsy Soul Records
24. BigMan BigLlou Johnson GoldenVoice Audio Recordings
25. Smoke and Mirrors Eva Carboni Mad Ears Records