Playlist 989. 27 juni – 3 juli 2022

Bluespotting 20:00-21:00 uur CD van de Week: Borrowed Time - Dana Fuchs Lees Hier Korte Recensie
# Track Artist Album Year Label
1 One Foot in the Grave Ethan Askey Walk When You Wanna Run 2022 Eigen Beheer
2 Last to Know Dana Fuchs Borrowed Time 2022 Ruf Records
3. Still the World Goes Round Sass Jordan Bitches Blues 2022 Stony Plain Records
4. Forty-Nine Ticket West 49 Park St. Blues 2022 Sonic Rendezvous
5. The Things That I Used To Do Jim Dan Dee Real Blues 2022 Eigen Beheer
6. Crosscut Saw Albert King Born Under A Bad Sign 1967 Stax Records
7. Lonely Lie Dana Fuchs Borrowed Time 2022 Ruf Records
8. Star Dana Fuchs Borrowed Time 2022 Ruf Records
9. Leave My Wife Alone (1951) John Lee Hooker Blues From The Motorcity 2004 Saga
10. Rollin' in Your Sweet Loving Arms Michael de Jong Who's Fooling Who 1996 Munich Records
11. Gypsy Blood Seasick Steve Keepin' The Horse Between Me and the Ground 2016 Theres a Dead Skunk Records
12. Lady Boss Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers Salone 2020 Moosicus Records
13. Hush Money Chris Cain Raisin' Cain 2021 Alligator Records
14. God Moves on the Water Larkin Poe Self Made Man 2020 Tricki-Woo Records
15. He Has Made Me Glad (I Will Enter His Gates) Cory Henry The Revival 2016 Decca Records
21:00-22:00 uur. Rootstime. Samenstelling en presentatie John Douven