Playlist 1024. 3 – 9 april 2023

Bluespotting 20:00-21:00 uur
# Track Artist Album Year Label
1 In My Soul Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia Blood Brothers 2023 Gulf Coast Records
2. Brown Liquor Woman Tas Cru Riffin' The Blue 2023 Subcat Records
3. Blue Mirror Joe Louis Walker Weight Of The World 2023 40 Below Records
4. You Can't Stay Here Walk That Walk Big World Of Trouble 2023 Eigen Beheer
5. Tell Mama Barbara Blue From The Shoals 2023 Big Blue Records
6. Among the Insanity Skylar Rogers Among the Insanity 2023 Blue Heart Records
7. Memphis Gone Tas Cru Riffin' The Blue 2023 Subcat Records
8. Miss The Man Tas Cru Riffin' The Blue 2023 Subcat Records
9. It's Tuesday Big Harp George Cut My Spirit Loose 2023 Blues Mountain Records
10. Unsung Hero of the Blues Jeff Pitchell ft Rick Derringer Playin' With My Friends 2023 Deguello Records
11. Country Jontavious Willis Country (Single) 2022 Eigen Beheer
12. Change Myself Robbert Duijf Change Myself 2023 Eigen Beheer
13. Into My Arms Dayna Kurtz Lulu and The Broadsides 2022 Continental Record Services
21:00-22:00 uur. Rootstime. Samenstelling en presentatie: John Dauven