Playlist 987. 13-19 juni 2022

Bluespotting 20:00-21:00 uur CD van de Week: 49 Park St. Blues - Ticket West Lees Hier Korte Recensie
# Track Artist Album Year Label
1 Forty-Nine Ticket West 49 Park St. Blues 2022 Sonic Rendezvous
2 Still the World Goes Round Sass Jordan Bitches Blues 2022 Stony Plain Records
3. Ding Dong Daddy Mike Morgan & The Crawl The Lights Went Out in Dallas 2022 Must Have Music
4. Be What You is Doug MacLeod A Soul to Claim 2022 Reference Recordings
5. Johnny Shaggy Dogs Sorry for the Delay 2022 First Offence Records
6. Spoon And The Flame Red Red Spoon And The Flame (Single) 2022 Naked Productions
7. Ain't No Big Deal on You Sass Jordan Bitches Blues 2022 Stony Plain Records
8. Still Alive and well Sass Jordan Bitches Blues 2022 Stony Plain Records
9. Slingshot Professionals Kelly Joe Phelps Slingshot Professionals 2003 Rykodisk
10. Mr. Francesco The Electrophonics Talkin' About! 2012 Retro Swing Records
11. Brown Sugar The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers 1971 Virgin Records
12. Started Out With Nothin Seasick Steve I Started Out With Nothin And I've Still Got Most Of It Left 2008 Warner Bros.
13. Another Jessie Lee & The Alchemists Let It Shine 2021 Dixiefrog Records
14. Let it Slide The Blue Chevys Moving On 2022 Eigen Beheer
21:00-22:00 uur. Rootstime. Samenstelling en presentatie John Douven