Playlist Bluespotting 846. Week 9 – 15 september 2019


CD van de Week:
(Eigen Beheer
, 2019) 







1. Been Down So Long J.P. Soars Let Go of the Reins 2019 Whiskey Bayou Records
2. Deal the Devil Made Moonshine Society Sweet Thing 2019 Eigen Beheer
3. Dog Eat Dog Billy Price, Alabama Mike & Rick Estrin Dog Eat Dog 2019 Gulf Coast Records
4. Devil Horns Davina and the Vagabonds Sugar Drops 2019 Red House Records
5. Somebody Stole My Wings Raymunda All Of Me 2019 Eigen Beheer
6. I Was Born to Wail Jon Gindick Love at The All Night Cafe 2019 Old Chimney
7. Sweet Thing Moonshine Society Sweet Thing 2019 Eigen Beheer
8. Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean Moonshine Society Sweet Thing 2019 Eigen Beheer
9. Keep on Moving Kenny Neal Bloodline 2016 Cleopatra Blues
10. Freddie King Way Down Deep Dede Priest Kinky at the Root 2011 Creeping Fig Records
11. We Got A Thing Going On Tennessee Redemption Tennessee Redemption 2019 Endless Blues Records
12. Hurt Me Good Shaun Murphy Reason To Try 2019 Vision Wall Records
13. Sanctified, Holy and Hateful Nick Moss & Dennis Gruenling Lucky Guy! 2019 Alligator Records


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